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Located in the Palm beach county, Florida,?Boynton Beach is the third largest municipality. Located in the tropics, residents can enjoy a pleasant weather all year round. With a population consisting of a mixed culture of over 70,000 people, Boynton beach is truly a diverse city. Half of the population is composed of whites while the remaining population is shared between blacks, hispanics and others. You can also pull Boynton beach home prices here.


There is never a dull moment in Boynton Beach with many attractions for both locals and visitors to enjoy. Attractions are many and the residents enjoy a relaxed and activity filled life. Among the attractions are parks such as Betty Thomas Park, Boynton Lake park, Forests hill Park, Galaxypark, Knollwood Park, Hibiscus Park, Laurel hills Park, Meadows Park and others. There are recreation parks for all age groups that includes game rooms, meeting rooms, playgrounds and many other activities centered facilities. Other attractions include a museum, beaches and many exquisite restaurants.

Beaches are within close proximity to almost any location. When the weather gets too hot, residents easily go to the beaches to relax and
cool down. Beaches are also for taking long walks, family time, romance and vacationing. One of the most popular beaches is oceanfront park, however there are a few others.

Boynton Beach is a star attraction for tourists. The warm weather, friendly people and great accommodations, lure visitors by the droves to Boynton Beach. There are many interesting cites to see and activities for the entire family, which makes this town famous among many. There are Boat tours and food tours, snorkeling and diving, fine dining and partying. Enough to do to pass the time.


Boynton experiences really good weather in general. It gets approximately 57 inches of rain per year and no snow. Temperatures get as high as 89 degrees and as low as 58 degrees. This makes for mild winters and mostly warm summers. This temperature is ideal for outdoor activities every day of the year.


There are numerous educational facilities scattered over Boynton Beach. From Preschools to, colleges and universities, the Boynton Beach area demonstrates its regard for quality education. Educational programs are also available for all age groups in the area.

Health centers

Health centers are easily available, providing a wide range of services. Some provide very specific services for a specific demography. Equally accessible are medical practitioners and prescription drugs.

Reasons People live in Boynton Beach

The choice of where to live is not an easy one. People base their decisions off multiple factors and needs. Many migrate to find jobs, education and a better way of life. For others it?s a matter of making better decisions for their families. Every location will have its unique advantages
and disadvantages which makes decision making harder. Here are a few factors that influences people?s decisions to live in Boynton Beach:

The friendly people

Boynton Beach reflects a diverse combination of cultures which makes people feel welcomed. The friendly, tolerant culture attracts new comers on an on-going basis.

The wide range of activities and entertainment

With many parks and recreational centers there are a wide range of daily activities to participate in. There are places to explore and places to go and dine with friends.

The weather

Boynton beach enjoy a tropical climate, which means great weather almost all year round. Temperatures are nice and warm, providing an invitation to enjoy the great outdoors. While they mostly have good weather, Boynton Beach is susceptible to flooding. Floods are normally caused by rising sea levels, hurricanes and tropical storms.

The beaches

You are only a few minutes away from any beach in Boynton Beach. Among the most frequented beaches are Delray municipal beach, Oceanfront park beach, Lake worth beach, Lantana public beach and Seagate beach. You can go for a stroll or swim almost any time of the day along the beautiful beaches or just spend some time relaxing.

While these are good reasons to live in Boynton Beach, there are a few challenges faced by residents in the area. Chief among them are periods of bad weather. The area is vulnerable to various weather phenomenon including storms, hurricanes and the resulting floods. This means to live in this area requires some amount of basic knowledge and life skills to survive these natural disasters should they occur. All residents should be aware of the specific contingency plan for the area.

The housing market

Approximately 85% of Boynton Beach?s population are home owners. The average home sells for approximately $250,000 while it costs $1900 monthly for rent.

Home Insurance

Several home insurance plans are available from insurance companies. Home insurance plans are tailored toward the specific needs in the area. Insurance plans include flood insurance, condo insurance and renter?s insurance. Some insurance companies even cover molds, since they occur so often in the area. These are due to leaks from air conditioners, roofs or plumbing.

Some insurance companies do not cover events such as flooding which happens occasionally in Boynton Beach. There is however a national insurance plan available to home owners. On average home owners pay between $82 dollars and $111 per month.


Problems with homes in the Boynton beach Area

Maintaining steady temperatures in the home is a problem in the beautiful Boynton Beach Area. Due to its tropical climate and changes between sunshine, rainfall and winter times, fluctuations in temperature causes discomfort and even illnesses in the home. This causes homes to require sealing of doors and windows to keep warm air in or prevent water from getting into the home. During very warm periods, many homes use air conditioners. Weather stripping helps keep the cool air from the air conditioners in. It also prevents water from seeping in during periods of heavy rainfall.

Moisture and mold are also potential problems homeowners face in Boynton. Molds are formed from fungus which thrives in moisture. When left untreated they will quickly multiply causing health problems in the home. They become especially dangerous when they are airborne. Once airborne they are easily inhaled causing further health complications. They can thrive in any part of the home once there is moisture.
The bathroom, attic, kitchen, basement and laundry rooms are common places where they grow. Moisture and mold issues must be immediately addressed before serious complications occur.

Insulation issues are another concern in Boynton. These issues are visible when temperatures fluctuate, energy bills are too high, water is leaking especially in the attic and rooms are especially cold. Insulation issues are most visible in the winter times and should be immediately addressed.

Homeowners everywhere are faced with the occasional need to do Renovations and improvements. This may be due to aging and damages done to the home over time. Renovations are important for maintaining the value of the home and to keep the home in a good condition.

Why you need a handyman

If you don?t have a handyman at home such as a husband, boyfriend or son, or if you need professional assistance around the home, you will need a handyman. A handyman can help with home improvement activities in every area of the home. It is possible to visit home advisor and order the handyman services that you require in the Boynton Beach area. Handyman Services listed on the site are professional and reasonably priced.

A professional handyman services provide a wide range of services to home owners. They do assessments, make suggestions and take into consideration the needs of the clients. A professional service uses the best tools and techniques to get the job done. They conduct repairs and renovations as well as installations. Handyman services are especially necessary in the Boynton Beach area. Their exposure to floods, molds from excessive moisture, changing temperatures and other hazards makes the service a necessity.

There are a range of services provided by handyman services:

Residential Handyman Services are performed in the home and covers all aspects of the home.

Boynton Beach has beautiful weather all year round. A deck & patio are useful additions to any Boynton Beach home. To construct or repair a deck or patio, a handyman is necessary. The weather may cause wear and tear after a while as well making it necessary for re-staining, sealing and adding finishing touches to the deck or patio. Deck & patio services may also include washing of decks and patios to remove all those built up dirt and debris that accumulate over time.

Despite its beautiful weather, colder weather in Boynton Beach can be hard on any home. The home needs to be in good condition to withstand the varying weather patterns. For the garage, weather stripping will help to keep inside warm during the colder season. A
handyman can also work on garage floors, lighting, fans (if needed) and organizing storage.

The Basement can act as a man cave or secret hideaway for many. To remodel or improve the appearance of your basement the services of a professional may be necessary. A handyman may also help to reorganize and make special additions to the basement for a complete

For mold prevent, insulation problems in the roof or attic, leaks and cleaning and repairs of vents, a handyman is necessary. These are serious problems that need to be fixed by professionals. The attic and roof are very important structures in the home that needs to be kept in the best conditions.

A handyman can help to make your living and dining area comfortable and safe for all. By reorganizing, repairing and setting up protective barriers a handyman?s services can prove very important.

There are many things that go wrong in the bathroom. Drywall issues, bad plumbing, tile and toilet installation and repairs. The handyman does overall bathroom repairs and renovation.

The bedroom is a special haven in any home. From time to time, you may want to repair and remodel your bedroom to get a different look and feel. Lightings can be changed, walls can be repainted and any other changes that the home owner may find fitting.

Commercial Handyman services

Handyman services are able to provide for the service requirements for a range of commercial businesses including restaurants, manufacturers, shopping malls, healthcare facilities and many more business entities. Business facilities have many users and as such
their need for repairs and renovations are on an on-going basis. Services required include installation and repairs, paint jobs, and overall improvements of facilities. Commercial services are more demanding and require greater professionalism than residential services. These sometimes require very detailed contracts for work to be done continually by a servicing company.

Handyman services cover every aspect of the home or business, both inside and outside. These services require specific skills and tools that the professional handyman should possess. The professional handyman must possess a combination of training and skills to meet the demands of its clients. Commercial clients are especially demanding with sometimes complex, time consuming tasks to be completed. However, a professional is organized and prepared to do a complete job every time.

Tips for choosing a good handyman

Taking the time to choose a good handyman is important to save time and money. Start by asking around to see the services that others most frequently use. Ask friends for advice. There are also websites that allows you to view handyman services in your area. Home advisor is a great site for finding the ideal handyman in your area. Choose a handy that can handle the specific tasks that you had in mind. Lay out the work to be done on paper if necessary. After compiling a list of possibilities, check their past work to see how well they perform. Then choose the best Handyman service that will suit your needs. Always keep your budget in mind when making your selection and a timeframe within which to have the work completed. After the work has started be sure to keep inspecting the job. Make suggestions for changes if necessary.


The Boynton Beach area is a beautiful beach side town with many beautiful homes. Though its residents lead a happy carefree life, they have serious daily problems to contend with. From time to time the weather, aging, faulty construction and accidents cause damages to home and property that will require the services of a handyman. A handyman can save homeowners valuable time by repairing/fixing those troublesome items around the home. The home has to be kept in the best condition to provide protection of assets and family. Other reasons for renovations and improvements are for greater comfort of the family. Handyman services also serve to provide practical solutions to problems around the home.