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Homes need painting over time. This is a fact of owning a house, one that often leaves homeowners struggling to carve out enough hours or acquire the right skills to handle the process ? one that is relatively involved.?

Interior and exterior painting both require someone to clean the surface in question, repair or caulk holes or cracks, use painter?s tape to affix plastic to the floors to avoid ruining them with paint drips, cover furniture or carpets, then prime and paint the walls. There?s also painting supply estimations, drying time to consider between coats, plus touch ups at the end to ensure full coverage in the application, then clean up.

The end result is often that a homeowner has not budgeted enough time for the project, which then must remain in various stages of done until he or she can find additional hours to dedicate to completing it. Conversely, homeowners might decide that they simply do not have the skills or patience to take the project on themselves, leaving residential painting on their to-do list indefinitely.

Handyman Florida has been tackling home improvement projects like residential painting for years. Our expert handymen bring a combined 40-plus years of experience to each project they accept, meaning you get top-quality expertise when someone comes to your home for interior or exterior painting. Call us to discuss your Davie-area home?s residential painting needs and get a no-obligation estimate today.

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Davie Home Painting Services

There is always more that goes into a painting project than anyone thinks. Either more paint is required than originally projected, the amount of time or supplies needed to complete the project is exponentially greater than planned, or the patience and skill involved exceed homeowners? abilities.?

Add any of those elements to an already busy schedule filled with work, school, homework, personal obligations, community obligations, children?s schedules, family events, and more, and you have a recipe for a to-do list disaster.

Hiring a handyman alleviates all of these problems, plus some you?ve probably never even thought of. Handyman Florida?s experts are skilled in all facets of indoor and outdoor painting, which means you no longer have to worry about allocating precious hours to a project that is honestly easier to leave to the professionals. Your handyman will come equipped to help with:

  • Touch-up painting
  • Sealing cracks
  • Application techniques
  • Exterior painting
  • Wall repairs and paint touch-ups
  • Primer application
  • Texture removal
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Interior painting
  • Spackling
  • Color selection
  • Trim, windowsill, and baseboard painting
  • Texturing
  • And much more

Our experts have been perfecting the art of residential painting and other home improvements for years, sometimes decades. They arrive on time for your scheduled appointment at a time that is convenient for you ? you do not even have to be there if you do not want to ? and are ready to work and create the best results for your home.

Professional Residential Painters in Davie, Florida

Busy homeowners have enough stress in their lives without having to add home improvement projects like residential painting to their ever-growing to-do lists. Working with Handyman Florida alleviates some of that added emotional weight, helping you get the freshly painted interior or exterior walls you need without the hassle of handling the project yourself.

Best of all, our trained handymen have all the skills you would see with a larger-name contractor, but all the attention you can only get when working with a smaller firm full of people who care. We treat your project with the same level of skill and expertise we?d put into our own homes, ensuring your painting project is top quality when it?s done.

Our handymen are proud to provide:

  • Consultations on coloring, texturing, project scopes, and?
  • Budgetary advice to ensure their projects stay within select cost limits
  • Answers to all their residential painting questions
  • Expert painting services, keeping brush stroke lines to a minimum
  • Interior design aid, helping them select the right elements for their homes
  • Interior painting services, ensuring they live in oases they?re proud to show off
  • Exterior painting services, keeping the outside of their homes looking like new
  • And more

Handyman Florida?s handymen are dedicated to providing you with end results you can?t wait to show off. You know you?ll be getting the best from them, because our team has a 100% satisfaction rating with our customers. If you aren?t satisfied, we promise to make it right.

When you are ready to get started on your home?s painting project, avoid the hassles and call Handyman Florida instead.

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Handyman Florida is in business to ensure your home is always looking its best. Our handymen are standing by to help you cross residential interior or exterior painting off your to-do list. Call us to discuss your project today.

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