After?buying a flat screen Television, you will be faced with two options. You can set it on TV cabinet or you will like to have it hang on the wall. Many people have their TV sets on sturdy cabinets. To stand out, you may prefer having it set on the
walls.?TV hanging?is a process which you should handle with care to be assured
of great viewing experience as well as safety of your TV. Some of the benefits of
hanging your TV on the walls include the following:

  • You achieve a sleeker design
  • Hanging a TV reduces clutter in your room
  • There is space saving aspect when a TV is hang on the walls
  • It is easy to adjust the angle of the TV to achieve the best TV viewing experience
  • Easy to hide cables and wires hence making your home look organized



Before you decide to proceed for the TV Mounting, you should take into consideration different factors. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration to achieve the best when hanging your TV include the following:

Choose the right location

You need to pay attention to the location where you would like to mount the TV. For instance, you will like to mount the TV on a location where you can comfortably watch it. You should as well pay attention to the aesthetic appeal. There are some locations and angle at which you can set the TV and it will improve the interior look of your home.

For the best TV viewing experience, the?TV should be mounted at eye level?to easily watch. Hanging a TV at a location where you can view it directly from the sitting position will make it comfortable. Avoid hanging the TV at a location where you will be viewing it at an angle.

If it is a must you should mount the TV at an elevation, then you need to proceed and purchase the best tilting wall mount. The tilting wall mount allows you to adjust the angle to easily view the TV. With tilted angle, you will as well reduce glare from your TV which will improve the viewing experience in general.

Many people prefer hanging a TV hang above you fireplace mantel. Professional TV mounting experts discourage the idea. You can as well have it installed above the mantel if you can pay attention to planning and detail. The process is difficult to implement. But, you should as well pay attention to the potential risk you expose your TV. Above the fireplace, the TV will be exposed to heat from the fireplace as well as the exposure to soot which can affect the TV.

Another factor you should take into consideration is the way you can hide the connecting wires and the cables. Installing the mount closer to the outlet becomes easy when trying to conceal wires and cables.

Process to Mount a Television to Drywall

  1. You can decide to have a TV Mounting on a drywall. There are several items you need to mount the TV on a dry wall; some of the items you can mount include the following:
  2. Wall mounts kit which can accommodate your TV size
  3. Stud finder
  4. Assorted bits and a drill
  5. Level?
  6. Screw drivers
  7. Tape measure
  8. Pencil

After you have assembled all the above tools, the next step will include the following simple steps which will lead you to mounting the TV on a drywall:

Instructions on how to hang a TV on a drywall

Read instructions on your TV and wall mount

The TV will come with clear instructions on how you should hang it on the wall. The wall mount unit will as well indicate the maximum size of the TV in terms of weight and screen size. Read the instructions and adhere to the given directions as you proceed to mount the TV set.

Remove the pre-assembled base

Some TV brands come with pre-assemble base. If you decide to hang it instead of letting it rest on a sturdy television cabinet, then you need to remove the pre-assembled base. Turn the TV upside down on the soft material and unscrew the pre-assembled base.

Locate the mounting holes at the back of the TV

Your TV comes with wall mounting holes; locate the holes and attach your wall mounting kit. Use bolts which came with the TV upon purchase and tighten the wall mounting kit onto the TV. Some models will require you to pry the covering plastic before you can screw in the bolts.

Locate the studs in the wall

After you decide to mount the TV set on a given surface, the next step you need to take is to use the stud finder in locating the studs in the wall where you will mount eh TV. Ensure you find the studs because mounting on the dry wall alone may not bear the weight of the TV set.

Mark center of the stud

Using a pencil, you can mark center of the stud. You can use a nail to test the centers before you install the mounting.

Take measurements between top and bottom of the mounting arms

To know the exact locations where you need to drill holes, measure distance from the top and the bottom of the mounting arms from where you can mark the two spots. The marks should match the location of the holes.

  1. Ensure the spots marked are even
  2. You can use the level to ensure the spots you marked are even.
  3. Drill pilot holes
  4. Drill the pilot holes on the four spots which you marked.
  5. Attach the bracket plate

You need to attach the bracket plate onto the wall with the help of the hardware provided on the mounting kit. Ensure the bracket is level before you proceed to tighten it fully. If you discover it is not level, then you need to make adjustments to
ensure it is level and proceed to tighten the bolts or the screws to allow the
final placement.

  • Connect the cable to the TV

You need to connect the cabling to your TV before you proceed to mount it. It allows you some access the connection panels hence saving you time.?

  • Determine how you can hide the wires

You will need to hide the connection wires so that your TV can stay sleek on the wall. After you have identified the way you can hide the wires, you need to proceed and lock the mounting.

  • Ensure all connections are sold

You should check all the connections and ensure they are solid. Avoid any wobbling after mounting the TV. If the TV has been mounted the right way, you can easily secure it without moving.?

  • Test the connection to ensure the TV is working

Before you leave the room, you need to test all the connections to ensure the TV is working well.

2. Mounting the flat screen to the brick Wall

The process of mount a Television to the wall can be challenging. If you are not sure, then you need to contact a professional who will make the job easy for you. If you are determined to have the TV hanging on the brick wall after your?DIY weekend adventure, then there are few things you should take into consideration to locate the right unit.

Guide on brick wall TV screen mounting?

The first step you need to take is to determine the type of anchoring system you can use. You can use concrete sleeve anchor or opt for Tapcon Concrete Screws. It is ideal anchoring to mortar joint rather than the brick. If you decide to go for the
sleeve anchors when mounting your TV, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Cut out wall boxes you use for the cabling
  2. The first step you need to take is to cut out the wall boxes which you use for the cabling.
  3. Use the level to find the height of the display
  4. With the help of a level, you need to determine the height and display position. The next step involves attaching a TV wall mount to the specified brick wall.
  5. Drill a hole to the wall
  6. Use a hammer drill to drill a hole of the same diameter measurement as the anchoring diameter. You can use a carbide tipped masonry bit fort eh same.?
  7. Clear debris from the holes
  8. You need to remove debris from the holes so that it can be easy to screw in the anchors.?
  9. Insert the given sleeve anchor
  10. You need to insert the given sleeve into the anchor holes. Secure and position the anchors correctly. Ensure you insert each anchor to the right bracket.
  11. Ensure you position the TV mounting to the correct position
  12. After you position the mount correctly, you need to tighten all nuts and make sure it is secure.?
  13. Hang your flat screen

After you have followed all the above steps, you can now hang the flat TV screen on the brick wall. For extra security, you should ensure all safety tabs are working the right way.

For the Tapcon Concrete Screws, you need to follow the following steps:

Cut out then install the wall boxes which will be applied for cabling

Use level to determine the height and display before you install the mounting

Use the hammer drill to drill the holes maintaining the right diameter. Carbide tipped masonry bit can be used for the process.

Remove debris from the holes

Position the mount correctly. You need to use a stand drill tilt the brackets are in place.

Hang the flat TV screen to the mount. Check to ensure safety tabs are working for extra holding.

How to Hide Wires

For the TV Hanging to offer the perfect sleek look, you need to conceal wires and cables. Hiding the cable and wires is also safe because it makes your room safe for both kids
and pets. You can follow different options to hide the cables and wires. Always ensure you hide them to avoid any incident involving children and pets in your home. The two options you can follow include the following:


It involves hiding the wire and cables using paintable raceways. In this case, the wires are easily seen but they are held in place. The raceways cost less than $20 and they are available in different sizes. You can easily locate the right shape which can accommodate all your needs. You can as well paint them to match your wall color.

TV Wiring Kits

Using a television wiring kit, hide the connection wires as well as cables behind the walls. It gives the room a clean and neat appearance. You can purchase the kits at your local stores from as little as $ 50 to $100. The kits are code compliant and are made to be very easy for you to install. You do not need any electrical experience before you can install the kit. You will only follow the directions provided on the kit and you will be good to go.

Hiring a Professional to Help

You can decide to have the flat screen TV Hanging on your brick or drywall in a Do It Yourself project. It is necessary to have at least one person to assist you in the DIY project. Always ensure you coordinate as you do the job. Any failure to coordinate can increase chances of the TV set falling which is not good.

If you are not comfortable handling the job on your own, you can as well hire a local handyman who will carry out the TV Mounting job. There are different pros in the market; you need to locate one who can carry out the services at reasonable rates. For the best TV Hanging experience, you need to look for a professional who is highly qualified to handle the job. A quick comparison of different experts in your neighborhood will make it easy to hire the right professional for the TV Hanging project.

Before you hire a professional for TV wall mounting, you need to check on the qualification of the expert. The free quotes you will get you need to assess it and ensure there are no hidden charges which can expose you to inconveniences later.?Hiring the handyman online?makes your work easy.