Are you dreaming of a new feel-good bathroom and have you ever considered redesigning your bathroom? There are many reasons for a bath renovation. Maybe the old products do not look nice anymore. The tiles have a floral pattern, which was still modern in the 70s or you need more space or more security in the bathroom.

One thing is certain: The bathroom should now be renovated and redesigned. Here we give you some advice, suggestions and show you how easy it works with us. We also discuss the issues of costs, damage during the renovation phase and dust – you will see: Nowadays, everything is much more relaxed and uncomplicated than before. We are specialists in bathroom remodeling in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Boynton Beach is a city located in Palm Beach County in the US state of Florida on the Atlantic. It is about 70 km north of Hialeah. In the immediate vicinity, within 10 km, are the following cities: Ocean Ridge , Briny Breezes, Gulf, Gulf Stream, Hypoluxo, Manalapan, Lantana and Dunes Road.

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Often, small changes are enough to make a bathroom more comfortable and beautiful, and to create a new oasis of well-being.

Floor-level showers combined with modern shower enclosures can bring more floor space and freedom of movement even in the smallest bathroom.

Modern shower heads combine different functions and thus contribute significantly to the well-being. Many are now equipped with various massage jets. Additional features include colorful LEDs, which change depending on the temperature.

A new wall bar does not mean new holes in the tiles. An adjustable mounting of the wall bar makes it easy to install on existing holes without re-drilling.

Accessories in the bathroom such as towel rails, soap dispensers and fittings are easy to exchange and have a strong effect. Many manufacturers offer series whose uniform design ensures a well-rounded overall picture.

The lighting and atmosphere in the bathroom are essential but often overlooked aspects. A vanity lighting above the mirror is useful for a good look when shaving or putting on make-up. But special lighting effects over the shower or tub can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Since we spend more than 90% of our life in artificially lit rooms, the artificial light in the bathroom should be as natural as possible, in the right amount and the right composition. Therefore, you should not save in the planning of the light, especially in well-being areas such as the bathroom. Take this into account in the new bathroom design.


A basic lighting is indispensable , which serves as an orientation in the bathroom area and for the staging of the interior. By skillfully inserted light, the weaknesses of a room can be mitigated. Ceiling spotlights, for example, make a low room appear higher.
Zonal lighting
In addition to the basic lighting, zonal lighting should also be used to guide the eye. Lighting sources should be switched individually to be able to switch them on according to their usage and the desired atmosphere.
Light for dark tiles
Perceptually psychologically, dark tiles or wood surfaces look much darker than their pure physics. A dark tiled room therefore requires much more light than a lightly tiled room.
Modern lighting technology
Modern lighting technology makes it possible to change the color temperature (eg with led lights). When getting up and waking up in the morning we need a fresher color temperature than in the evening before going to bed.

Bathrooms should meet a few criteria to contribute to our well-being. They should offer enough space to accommodate our daily care products, they should be comfortable, warm and energy-efficient, possibly even barrier-free and look good as well.

Nowadays, even small bathrooms can meet all these criteria by optimising the room concept, possibly integrating underfloor heating or installing a concealed cistern. Whether it’s safety, design or functionality, our refurbishment company is up to date in

all these areas and can provide you with an excellently trained site manager who can advise you comprehensively and present you with various options for your individually designable bathroom.

Even a corner bath or a special lighting system are no hurdles for him. So that you are always informed about all steps, he creates an exact schedule to guide you. If you also want to call in an architect, we have an expert in our team who will be happy to support you in planning and provide you with many ideas. Regardless of where your current water connections and pipes are located, we can place them where it makes the most sense for the designed room concept. You may not recognize your bath in the end, but you will love it.

The latest technology ensures greater safety and comfort when renovating bathrooms

Accessibility and accident prevention are becoming an increasingly important issue. Whether you want to rent out your apartment or your house at some point in the future or would like to benefit from a ground-level shower or non-slip tiles yourself is often not foreseeable. In any case, however, it is worth thinking about this topic and to know the options. Of course, nobody will urge you to make your bathroom barrier-free, but we can advise you extensively in this respect, since most accidents still happen within your own four walls. But no matter how you imagine your bathroom, we are sure to find a suitable solution. For example, are you looking at one of the increasingly popular rainforest showers with integrated sound system and light effects or a massage bathtub? We have a lot to offer in these cases as well. No matter how you want to design your new bathroom, we will support you and put our heart and soul into fulfilling all your wishes to your complete satisfaction, so that you can enjoy your decision for a long time and enjoy it every day.


In no time at all we removed old tiles, ceramics and connections, disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, installed new pipes and connections, laid new tiles, installed the sanitary ceramics, insulated and perfected everything. For all these steps, we have experts who work hand in hand and are absolutely conscientious and careful. We obtain the material exclusively from brand manufacturers with whom we have had the best experience over many years. We not only provide you with quality workmanship, but also with quality products, so that you no longer have to worry about modernising your bathroom for many years.

Large light
Ideally, diffuse, matt reflective materials are illuminated with a soft, large-area light.
Radiant light source
Hard and shiny materials such as chrome or ceramic should be illuminated with narrow-beam light sources.

With a competent partner you decide for consulting, offer preparation and implementation. This saves you a lot of time and money. In order to be able to carry out an attractive modernisation, a completely new room concept is sometimes required. For example, in very small bathrooms, such as the well-known hoses, a lot of space can be created by integrating concealed cisterns or by installing underfloor heating. When redesigning your bathroom in Boynton Beach, Florida, you can also pay attention to accident prevention with ground-level shower trays. This option is of course also available in old buildings. With a core bore, the slope of the drain pipe can be installed accordingly. The use of non-slip tiles, handles and perfect lighting also provides reassuring safety. For relaxing hours in the bathtub, there are also versions available which, with massage jets and optimum light incidence, ensure peace and balance. We would also be happy to provide you with complete accessibility in the bathroom. With well thought-out solutions, we ensure that wheelchair users can move easily even in smaller bathrooms. Elevated or height-adjustable washbasins ensure that wheelchair users can pass under the basins without difficulty and can easily reach all fittings.


Detailed procedure for your bathroom renovation in Boynton Beach, Florida

After the room concept is in place, the consultation has taken place and the renovation of the bathroom in Boynton Beach, Florida has begun, the rest of the apartment is protected against soiling with dust protection walls. For the period of the redevelopment measures we will of course set up a building site toilet. All sanitary facilities are dismantled and disposed of by our specialists. The tiles are knocked off and existing cladding removed. Water pipes and waste water pipes are completely replaced and new power cables can also be laid. The wall surfaces are now plastered and a new screed is laid. The new sanitary facilities, such as shower tray or bathtub, are connected by the installers. Then the tilers and painters come to the construction site. All specialists are provided by the remediation company. Whether filling, wallpapering or painting, also the connection of light switches, sockets as well as lights and also the assembly of bathroom furniture are accomplished by us for you. You can still live in your house or apartment during the renovation work on your bathroom and you do not have to include any additional costs for a stay in a hotel. Of course, minor inconveniences can and will occur in the course of the work, as you cannot use your bathroom to the usual extent during the renovation work, but our well-rehearsed teams of craftsmen will do all the work quickly, cleanly and efficiently, so that you can use your new bathroom very quickly.

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